Learning New Things Tue 09 April 2013

The first two years of University turned out to be relatively simple (to be honest I was in the lucky position of having covered most of the material prior to arriving). But this third and final year, now just under than two months from completion, has stepped up to another level.

I used to believe PHP was the greatest thing ever. Fool I know, though I believe it definitely has its uses. I used to think that every app I built was going to ‘change the world’. Oh how wrong! And let’s not forget I attempted to build a browser game using div’s, just after canvas became viable for browser-graphics (and was exploding in popularity). Whoops.

But with age comes some reason, slightly toning down my dreams of creating ‘the next big thing’. I now have more realistic aims and an entirely new market: enterprise. I’d much rather provide a service/software to a small number of companies at a higher cost (and with superior service) than the mass-market approach.

I’m also focussing on learning new programming languages, C being my new favorite. Turns out I love the (relatively) low-level stuff! Lots more to think about, but I like being able to tell exactly what’s going on and where. Lua is my other new thing, specifically Lua+Nginx combined.

In the ~2 months I’ll be building an iOS app, a MMO browser-game and (hopefully) one of the best Linux server control panels to ever exist.

By building these things and learning new languages, I’ve written lots of ‘bits’ of code to do one thing or another. I’m putting any good ones on Github, and hopefully will be able to put the above projects on there also. It feels good to contribute (in a very small way) to a community I’ve learnt so much from in the last few years. Some bits: