2021 Sat 27 November 2021

It is somewhat ironic that my last post of 2021 is also my first. As we appear to be rapidly going back towards restricted life here in the UK it’s a good chance to reflect on the highlights from this last year.

What a year it has been! Absolute top highlight - I got married to my beautiful loving wife, it was a properly fantastic day in late summer and meant the world to both of us. Bringing all our family and friends together after such a trying time was truly magical.

Second highlight - I started working for Beeper! Closing out just shy of 8(!) incredible years at EDITED. From B2B to B2C I’m still solving infrastructure scaling problems just from the other side of the coin. I’ll miss the amazing people and product we built at EDITED but I am incredibly excited for the future at Beeper.

Finally, a list of other smaller highlights:

It’s nice to look back and reflect on the high points of the year.