El Capitan for Developers

Wed 10 June 2015

In spite of the risks, I always install the latest OSX betas on my personal laptop/dev-machine. This always brings a whole host of compatability issues and broken things, but fixing/discovering these is all part of the fun! This post is a summary of issues/solutions found so far - hopefully it'll be of help to someone. I shall keep updating as I discover more.

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Benchmarking in Virtual Machines

Wed 08 April 2015

Since the earliest programming days hackers have benchmarked and compared pretty much every language/software/stack out there. These benchmarks are often shared with the public, which allows other hackers to make more informed tooling decisions based on their specific problem. Although this is an awesome feedback system, I worry that recently the quality of benchmarks has been affected...

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Switching to Windows Phone

Sun 21 December 2014

A couple of months ago, while trundling along the Circle line at snails pace, it dawned on me that I rarely use more than around 5 apps on my iPhone. At the time, I was checking my emails in Mail and had just finished reading the latest blog posts on Flipboard. A couple of phone calls, a text and quick snap with Autostitch brings us to 5. Given the massive bias towards wall-of-apps style phone usage, I decided to try something a little different.

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